Economy Agriculture and Food Systems Is Globalized Organic Farming Sustainable?

Is Globalized Organic Farming Sustainable?
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Organic farming is supposed to be good for people and the environment but to what extent, when it comes to small farmers in developing countries and the global environment? These are some of the questions that scientists in an extensive research project led by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University have posed.

The project is based on global food chains and the increased urbanisation that is seen in developing countries as well as middle income and industrial nations.

- The overall aim of the project is to clarify to what extent and under which conditions organic farming can reduce local and global negative environmental effects and concurrently improve the standard of living for small farmers in developing countries, explains the leader of the project, senior scientist John Hermansen from the Department of Agroecology and Environment at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

The results from the project show that organic farming can reduce local environmental effects connected to food production. For example, omitting pesticides has a positive effect on the health of rural families and on the local environment.


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