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Women - 10% of Corporate Boards
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Thursday marked International Women's Day, which means, among many other things, that GovernanceMetrics International (GMI) has published its annual Women on Boards report. The survey, which includes data on more than 4,300 companies in 45 countries, concludes that there has been "incremental improvement in most measures of female board representation" since GMI's 2011 report.

This year's report marks some milestones for the representation of women on corporate boards, which, according to a 2010 report from GMI, "increases the conscientiousness of board oversight, and leads to more accurate value assessments." For the first time, "women hold more than one in ten board seats globally: 10.5% of the directors in our coverage universe are now women, a 0.7 percentage point increase from last year," according to this year's report. 

Also, almost 10 percent of companies now have at least three women on their boards, "a level that some research suggests may constitute a critical mass and allow women's leadership styles to come to the fore," the survey reports.


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