Economy Manufacturing and Industry Green Building Creates Green Jobs for a Green Economy

Green Building Creates Green Jobs for a Green Economy
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Buildings generate approximately 40 percent of the United States' carbon emissions. Under a likely carbon-constrained future, the construction of more environmentally friendly buildings and the renovation of existing buildings will play a critical role in reducing these emissions. The green building market is growing dramatically. McGraw Hill estimates that the total value of green construction was $10 billion in 2005, and that value grew to between $36 and $49 billion by 2008. By 2013, it estimates that the market could grow to as much as $96–140 billion.

Local and national policymakers increasingly view green construction and renovation activities as an opportunity to spur domestic job creation because these jobs cannot be outsourced to other countries and require workers with new and traditional skills.

This study contributes to this effort by calculating the number of jobs created by the green building construction market between 2000 and 2008. It also forecasts the number of jobs that will be created from 2009–2013 based on estimates published by McGraw Hill and our own projections of the demand for LEED certified buildings.



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