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Leveraging Business for Social Change
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The Knowledge Path (also known as the Discovery Process) is the Changemakers method of capturing information from social entrepreneurs and experts, and then incorporating it into learning products (like the Discovery Framework) and tools. This process applies the unique Ashoka and Changemakers lens of innovation, social impact, and sustainability, exploring where the field is stuck to determine new opportunities for innovation and impact.

While deductive methods traditionally begin with a hypothesis and then seek examples that prove or disprove it, the Changemakers Discovery process begins with the work of innovators and practitioners, exploring actual solutions to social problems in the world. Using these real world examples, the analysis examines why they succeed and how cross-cutting patterns can then drive new innovations and sector-transformation.

The Changemakers Knowledge Path for the Artemisia Competition Leveraging Business for Social Change: Building the Field of Social Business begins with this Discovery Framework as a tool to establish a baseline for analysis.The competition will then highlight new insights and approaches for testing and comparison to this preliminary version and its assumptions, resulting in the distillation of a final version with new principles, barriers, and examples of the field enriched by the full array of innovations the competition surfaces.


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