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Sustainable Sites Projects
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The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES™) was created to promote sustainable land development and management practices that can apply to sites with and without buildings. More than 150 Pilot Projects are participating in the SITES two-year Pilot Program (June 2010-June 2012). These projects represent a diverse cross-section of project types, sizes and geographic locations in various stages of development from design to construction and maintenance.

SITES Pilot Projects will be the first projects in the United States and abroad to demonstrate the application of The Sustainable Sites Initiative: Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009, released on November 5, 2009. The Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009 includes a four-star rating system which works on a 250-point scale. Based on achieving all 15 of the prerequisites and at least 100 credit points, a pilot project will become Pilot Certified.

To learn more about the individual projects, click the resource link below.

Mixed Use
Transportation corridors/Streetscape
Open space - Garden/Arboretum
Open space - Park
Governmental complex



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