Living Sustainably
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Residents living productive and sustainable lives are the foundation of a healthy community. A variety of support activities can develop and maintain the community's human resources, as well as provide assistance to facilitate the use of sustainable practices in people's homes and neighborhoods. This topic area will provide examples of what individuals are doing for themselves and with others.
  • Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning
    Sustainability is a state of mind and way of life. Incorporating sustainability principles, concepts and approaches in both formal and informal education processes will help institutionalize these concepts and encourage their widespread adoption. This section offers many resources and organizations that promote sustainability education.
  • Health, Nutrition, and Recreation
    Good physical and mental health throughout the community is essential to allow citizens to participate fully in community life. This section offers information on health, nutrition, and recreation options and provides selected examples of policies and programs that make them possible.
  • Responsible Buying and Consumption
    Individuals contribute to local and global sustainability when they adopt more responsible patterns of buying and consumption, thereby consuming less energy and fewer resources. In this section, resources for "green" goods and services, produced by companies with good environmental records, will be available, as well information about ways to assess and reduce resource consumption.
  • Healthy Home and Property
    Home design and maintenance can promote and model more sustainable lifestyles. Healthful, non-polluting approaches at home and throughout the community can contribute to sustainability and support the local ecosystem. This section contains resources to more sustainable practices and purchases.