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Auburn Sustainability Initiatives
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The University of Auburn's Office of Sustainability provides tools and resources to help people learn to work and live sustainably: to reduce their impact on the environment while enjoying a full lifestyle.

Through regular workshops, symposia, and informal gatherings, the office acts as a facilitator for multi-disciplinary research across campus and inspiration for incorporating sustainability into all aspects of the activities of the university community. More broadly, the office serves as a regional center for information on sustainability by offering information, referrals, and workshops.

The office collaborates with other units on campus, with extension activities, and city- and state-wide programs. In particular, the office's website is a resource for campus and regional use.

The Office of Sustainability's inter-disciplinary focus is regional, national, and global. The office strives to emphasize the triple bottom line of sustainability — to benefit people, to enable profits to be realized from doing so, and to preserve the planet as a hospitable place for both people and profit.


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