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A Greenhouse Grows in Denver
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The GrowHaus is a brand new community farm, marketplace, and education center occupying an old commercial flower greenhouse. Thanks to the vision of a local developer, the greenhouse was bought and renovated to transform into a community garden of sorts, with space for neighborhood residents to grow their own vegetables, even through the winter.

In addition to providing affordable garden space for low income residents, the GrowHaus has begun to develop an indoor farm for market production based on the low-input/output models of permaculture. Until the staff creates a master plan for how to best utilize the greenhouse space (which is fairly huge), GrowHaus is also available for use by local sustainable food growers. Currently a small Colorado-based aquaponics company has three aquaponic systems up and running in the space, growing lettuce, chard, basil, tomatoes, perch and tilapia. The farm has begun testing the marketability of their produce and sells to a local restaurant. Eventually, however, the Growhaus hopes to expand to create a "Growasis" market, a place where area residents can come to buy affordable staples, like healthy, fresh, and organic produce, among other items.


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